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Kid Care is a preschool in Clovis, NM that wants to encourage children to explore. We want them to learn and have fun doing it as well. Let them feel comfortable and excited to learn. They will understand and accept the transition to school. This will benefit both you and your child to make it a painless process. We want to make sure they reach their full potential.
Just like every learning center we want to help your child grown and develop. We work with you and them to provide activities that encourage learning. Let them gain the upper hand so that they can thrive in any learning community. Make sure they are ready for school.
We work with your child to develop positive behavior. This is beneficial to each and every social encounter they have. They will learn manners and way to speak and communicate how they are feeling. We will teach them how to appreciate the world around them as well.
Our team will strive to help your child develop a positive self-image. This is something that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Their perception of self will change dramatically as they approach their later stages in life so help them learn at an early age. Let your child see just how amazing they are throughout their lives.
Kid Care is a safe facility that provides high quality education. We want to make sure that both you and your child are comfortable at our institution. Never feel like your child is not safe when we are around.
Our instruction is effective and proven to make a significant difference in each child’s life. Get knowledge and well trained staff all in one location for your child. Let us help your child reach their highest potential today.

We are a nursery school that wants to see your child thrive and learn important skills.

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